You are probably aware of the fact that chemicals abundantly used on winter roads can do much harm to all parts of the car, so a lot of experienced drivers think that a thick layer of mud might protect the car body.

However, this opinion is wrong. Snow mixed with salt, ice and reagents are harmful to the car paint more than bird droppings or lime pollen in summer. Chemically active dirt gets almost all the holes and cracks of the car that is why the regular visits to the car wash are necessary. A truck trader is the only one who can really benefit from severe weather conditions in winter because trucks are less sensitive to various chemicals and reagents.

The frequency of washing the car is always individual – for those who drive a little, it would be enough to wash the car once or twice a month. If you spend most of the day at the wheel, a couple of visits to the car wash a week may be enough. It is worth remembering that when you wash your car rarely and very often is not at all good for your vehicle.

Those who think that car wash in winter is the same as in the warm season are mistaken as well. If this process is carried out not in a subtropical climate, the winter car wash is a very important procedure for every car owner.

The main advice is to avoid washing your car in the winter on your own, but use the services of professional car washes instead. After all, this procedure may be harmful to your health. However, there are situations when you have to wash your car on your own.

In this case, it is necessary to follow some rules. Keep in mind that when the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius below zero, it is recommended not to wash your car. Water getting anywhere, instantly freezes in the cold, which often leads to cracked windows, split headlamps, radiator breaks. It is better to wait for warming.

You must start with getting out of the car all mats. In winter, the snow accumulates under the rugs, which melts and eventually turns into water. As a result, you can feel very unpleasant smell in a car. And, if you don’t get rid of the moisture regularly, you can end up having your car repaired at the maintenance service. It is necessary to have a few sponges with you. No matter how well the sponge is rinsed, it still might contain some grains of sand, which will be scratching car paint.

Using various laundry detergents is strictly forbidden, because they have an alkaline base and when contacting with metal they cause its active oxidation. If you don’t have at hand a special shampoo to wash the car, use dishwashing liquid. It is harmless not only for the hands, but also for car body. Be careful especially if you choose Toyota Camry or any other luxury car to wash. Their paint is extremely sensitive to various chemicals and the use of detergents might spoil this paint.