Driving is so much fun only when you can drive smoothly without any trouble. If your car is not working properly because of poor maintenance then it will be a big burden to you. Whether you own a 2012 Toyota Tacoma or a BMW, it needs regular maintenance to achieve better efficiency. Here is a guide for effective Vehicle maintenance tips.

Effective Vehicle Maintenance Tips

  • Choose the correct oil and regularly check the level: It is always better to choose a good grade motor oil recommended in your owner’s manual. You can always choose the motor oil with additives; it not only gives more fuel efficient vehicle but also reduces the friction created. Look for “Energy Conserving” symbol on the bottle and choosing wrong oil might lower your Gas mileage. Also do a regular check for the oil level to find out whether it is too low or too high.
  • Routine auto care and maintenance: This needs to be done routinely by preparing a check list. This check list helps you not to miss any of your service appointments. The list that you can make are like checking Radiator hoses water or coolant, tyre pressure check, check all the filters, fixing any cracks or scratches etc.
  • Damaged or loose or missing Gas caps: It can help gas to get evaporated in air also sets a bad example for maintenance. So it is always better to replace or repair any damaged parts immediately to avoid any mishaps.
  • Clean, clean and clean: This is the important point to be noted in a vehicle maintenance tips. Keeping it clean in both interior as well as exterior is the best tip ever possible. If your Car is full of dirt on windshield and on top of it you got broken or damaged wipers then you cannot see anything on the road while driving. Same way if your car has dirty or clogged air or oil filters then you might end up facing troubles while driving.
  • Battery maintenance: If you want a smooth ride then you need to have a good battery connection. You might end up facing loads and loads of starting trouble if your battery is not in good shape. Have a routine check on your battery and especially if you are driving over years with a same battery.

If your car is not maintained properly then it might lead to even critical problems. Effective maintaining is the proactive measure that you take for a better, smooth and comfortable driving.