It is common knowledge that selling something is a lot harder than purchasing it and especially when it comes to second sales. This kind of sector includes the selling of large home appliances, cars and houses. Houses may retain their original price or actually go up and beyond it but when it comes to cars, things are very different.  Even a car that has been purchased yesterday is considered old when it comes to selling it and therefore you definitely won’t be getting what you originally paid for it, (well unless it’s something exotic like a Veyron).

The illusion of traditional car buying websites

Contrary to popular belief that car buying websites actually offer the best deals in the market, it is quite genuinely the opposite. They will give you the lowest quote possible and then sell it off to the dealers and other companies at high prices. Thus in turn what they do is that they act as middlemen who pocket the most amount of money as benefited from your car sale. is however different from the rest that are out there. There is no middleman and your car details are directly sent to dealers and car buying companies who can view your vehicle details and make their own individual offers to buy your car. Once you have listed your car, your vehicle information will be sent out to the interested buyers and you can, as the seller view all their offers and if there is one you are happy with then you can simply accept.Your vehicle stays live on the website for six weeks and you are guaranteed that your details are only put in front of genuine motor dealers who have registered to purchase cars like yours immediately for cash.

The three way connection

One of the best parts of this website is that it helps sellers, buyers and dealers in the same way. For just £35 a month approved dealers can gain full access to every single vehicle offered via the site and for listing a car as a seller there is just a nominal amount of £10. You are assured to get the best quotes because you can freely compare the prices and offers on your car. Moreover the dealers will choose the cars based on their age, make, technical specification and the location from which they are ready to purchase.

Therefore no matter what requirements the dealer and the seller might have, puts both parties in contact to arrange the best deal possible.

Thus if you have been wondering lately as to what to do with your old car and how to get the best possible resale price considering all its conditions and specifications then this is the best website you will probably come across. It will directly put your vehicle to out to some of the best buyers in the UK you will receive genuine quotes and not the automated ones that other websites provide you with.