The battery in your automobile provides your vehicle with electricity when the engine is turned off. When the engine is off, the battery runs the electrical accessories such as the radio and the lights. The battery also provides the electricity to spark the spark plugs and turn the solenoid. That means it will start your car. Once your vehicle starts, the alternator spins on the power of the engine. Such spinning provides the electricity while the engine turns. That means a battery should become irrelevant once the engine is turning.

Battery Symptoms

If you are having battery problems, you need to find a good supplier of car parts in Essex.

  • If you try to start your car and it doesn’t start, you could have a battery problem. If you connect the car to a battery charger and it does start, then you definitely have a battery problem. You need to replace that battery as soon as possible.
  • If you start your car with a battery charger but then the engine dies while it is running, it is likely an alternator problem.
  • If the car won’t start even with a battery charger, it’s most likely not a battery problem.

Where to Find Parts

You need to search for the best possible parts you can find. You can find great parts at many different suppliers who offer parts in your area. There are many parts that could be the cause of the problem if it’s not a battery problem. Experts can guide you towards the right solution.